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    [You have one workbook with two sheets. You want to print them back to back. Tried printing entire workbook, two sided. No luck. Tried printing entire workbook with both sheets selected. No luck. I am using Microsoft Office 2007. My friend tried also. No luck. Then she tried it on an old computer with Office 2003 and it worked. Any suggestions?

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    That's weird. I tried this with a spreadsheet that contained three worksheets, WS #1 was two pages long; WS #2 was one page, and WS #3 was 2 pages long.

    Using Excel 2007, this duplexed perfectly (the first time). Since then, I've been unable to recreate my even partial success.

    When I added a third page to WS #1, the first two pages duplexed and third page printed on its own page, with WS #2 starting a new page, as did WS #3 (which successfully duplexed the two pages onto one).

    I switched the order of the worksheets, and found that if the first worksheet is only one page, then none of the pages print duplexed.
    Then I tried adding a third page to the first worksheet, only WS #3 duplexed. Finally, I went back to the original configuration that had successfully duplexed, and once again, only the final two-page worksheet printed duplex, with all the previous pages printing on one-side only.

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