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    My office uses the Zimbra service for email. It works fine with Thunderbird from work and I can check email at home just fine but the server will not allow Thunderbird to send email from home. Before the office switched to Zimbra, I used Eudora. (long story) That system had the same issue but I could configure Eudora to use one server to check the email (the office server) and another server (my non-business email account) to send the email. I cannot figure out how to do this in Thunderbird.

    I am not talking about multiple accounts, I already do that. Rather, I want to check my office email from home using the office server (say but send my office email via my DSL server ( Is that possible in Thunderbird?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Yep, the SMTP server is configurable and selectable, although you would be better off setting your Zimbra server to allow you to send mail through it. If you send work email via your ISP you may find your mail blocked because the SMTP server is not listed as part of the office email system.

    Thunderbird has the SMTP server section at the bottom of the Account Settings under Outgoing Server (SMTP).

    cheers, Paul

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