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    Can anyone point me to sources that will help me learn and understand the standards for formatting email?

    I keep seeing questions and complaints about forwarded emails not behaving as expected. Sometimes the whole content goes away, sometimes images, sometimes attachments. Can embedded email addresses be deleted without affecting the remainder of the message? Et alia.

    Surely there is a standard somewhere; however, as with most standards, you probably have to have a PHD in the subject matter to understand it. What I'm looking for is an E-Mail Standards for Dummies source.


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    I'm not sure the standards will help if I understand your reasons - you are seeing different behaviour when forwarding.
    Different email handles forwarding differently, it's pretty much up to the program author to determine how they forward. The email sent by the email program via SMTP will be in a format acceptable to all readers, but not all readers treat it the same way.

    Can you be more specific in your question and we'll have a stab at it?

    cheers, Paul

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