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    Is it possible to link numbers from Excel into a Word table such that when Excel is updated it automatically updates the Word table.

    For example, the table is:

    ($ís in Thousands)
    Total Project Cost $
    Total Project Cost +/- Amount included in Current Year Budget $
    Total Project Cost +/- Amount included in Latest Estimate/LE $
    10 Yr Net Present Value $
    Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) %
    MIRR exceed MIRR Hurdle Rate? (Yes/No)(1)
    Payback Period (Yrs)(2)
    Total Benefits: $

    If the numbers are derived in Excel, is there a way to link them to the table above to make dynamic as opposed to being required to copy and paste from Excel to Word?

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    If you insert it as an OLE object it should update automatically when the document is opened in Word the numbers update. Note however that you can't have the Excel document open and also have a word document with the Excel workbook embedded at the same time.

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