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Thread: Test of images

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    The images shown below are discussed in Gizmo's column at

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    Photoshop CS3: Bicubic reduction, 100% quality (102KB)[attachment=87944:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-PhotoShop-bicubic-100%.jpg]Photoshop CS3: Bilinear reduction, 100% quality (101KB)[attachment=87948:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-PhotoShop-bilinear-100%.jpg]Photoshop CS3: Bicubic sharper, 100% quality (114KB)[attachment=87947:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-photoshop-bicubic-sharper-100%.jpg]Photoshop CS3: Bicubic sharper, 70% quality (60KB)[attachment=87946:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-PhotoShop-bicubic-sharper-70%.jpg]Photoshop CS3: Bicubic sharper, 50% quality (52KB)[attachment=87945:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-PhotoShop-bicubic-sharper-50%.jpg]FastStone Photo Resizer: Bicubic, 100% quality (103KB)[attachment=87939:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-FastStone-bicubic-100%.jpg]FastStone Photo Resizer: Lancoz3, 100% quality (100KB)[attachment=87940:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-FastStone-lancoz3-100%.jpg]Microsoft Paint in Windows 7: Default settings (93KB)[attachment=87943:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-Paint.jpg]Microsoft Image Resizer: Default settings (41KB)[attachment=87941:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-Image-Resizer.jpg]Image Sizer for Adobe Air: Default settings (177KB)[attachment=87942:Bartolome-Island-Galapagos-ImageSizer.jpg]

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