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    NCSL (non-commentary source lines) (VB6)


    Does anyone know of a utility to count the NCSL of VB code modules?


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    Rob Bruce

    Re: NCSL (non-commentary source lines) (VB6)

    What's your definition of an NCSL? Are you including empty lines (I wouldn't)? Option statements (I would)?

    Even if such a utility doesn't exist, I suspect it would be trivial to create one. You just need to loop through all of the lines in the VBIDE CodeModule object checking for a comment character (don't forget that the Rem keyword is still legal, too).

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    Re: NCSL (non-commentary source lines) (VB6)

    I do agree with those two criteria; I would also count lines that had comments at the end. Thank you for reminding me about "REM" (ah... something familiar about the old Basis that I hated... <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> I tend to agree that it wouldn't be hard to write such a utility... I was just hoping someone else already had. I'll plan to post it here when I write it.

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