If this isn't the place to post this, pls move to the appropriate forum. I did a search for "WinPatrol" and didn't see this posted anywhere.

It's not a giveaway but at 99 cents a license..it's pretty much a steal.

This is one great program everyone needs on their computer. The free version has saved my butt a few times.

"Wild" Bill Pytlovany, @BillP on Twitter and the developer of WinPatrol Plus says:
"I’m curious and thinking a crazy single day experiment could be fun and may be worth the risk. So what the hell. If you want to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS on January 29th, I’ll give you a lifetime WinPatrol membership for less than a dollar. Instead of the regular price of $29.95 I’ll provide a coupon on WinPatrol.com that brings the price down to $0.99 USD. That comes out to approx. .70 € to our international friends one_time_fee.

This will be a one-day only “experiment” starting at midnight EST on Jan 29th and will last 24 hours. Will over 30 times the normal number customers upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS? If so, will other software developers notice?

Like our current $30 plan, the 99˘ license will be good for life."

Enjoy and Thanks, Bill!