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Thread: Building new PC

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    Not sure where to look these days for information on building a PC. Built my last one about 7 years ago and it going fine but its time to think about a new one. I am running windows 2000 but want the new one to run windows 7 well. Wondering specifically about motherboard processor combos that are reliable, have good performance and are priced in the "sweet" spot re: cheap for performance. Also any ideas about memory would be welcome. Ofcourse size of power supply is also good info. Reliability is key as love the longevity that building PC's has given me. Appreciate any thoughts, recommendations and links to other places that might have good info. *

    thanks in advance for your time and knowledge!!

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    I've found Newegg to be the best place to brouse hardware even if you choose to buy elsewhere. You can check
    mainboard and other hardware specs with easy links back to the manufacturer. The selections are among the best on the internet.

    They also offer a section dedicated to product reviews, although I would take them with a grain of salt.
    But they can offer decent insights into what peoples experiences are, both posative and negative with a wide
    range of components.


    I think you'll find that there are probably far more options and combo deals than there
    ever was 7 years ago. This is very sweet!!

    I should also warn you that memory matching and choice is far more sophisticated
    than it was back then too, especially with the DDR3 and XMP profile choices.
    Alot more overclocking built into memory/motherboards these days. The lines can get blurred.
    It'd be wise to do your homework and research this and not entirely rely on past build experience.
    If your an avid overclocker this will be good for you, but if your not you may find yourself
    having to tweak some bois settings.

    Power supplies
    There are many choices here too, but it's also very dependant on what your putting into your
    system and or what you'll be adding to your system as time goes on. Graphics cards are far more
    powerfull and power hungry as one example. Don't skimp on your PSU.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I'd opt for a case and power supply with very quiet fans. Much nicer having a quiet PC.
    Put 4GB RAM in and you will never need more (probably).
    While you are at it, look at adding an extra disk for backup use only.

    cheers, Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by P T View Post
    I'd opt for a case and power supply with very quiet fans. Much nicer having a quiet PC.
    Put 4GB RAM in and you will never need more (probably).
    While you are at it, look at adding an extra disk for backup use only.

    cheers, Paul
    I think I would opt for Win 7 64 bit and install 8 GB RAM. That way as more 64 bit apps appear you will be ahead of the curve. If you install 4 GB RAM, the os consumes about half the RAM, thus leaving only about 2 GB for the apps. With services, etc, you can see how a RAM hungry app would start to falter with 4 GB RAM.

    If you are going all in, look into a different cooling system. Liquid cooled, etc. since all this power is sure to generate lots of heat.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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