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    Hi, all. I've taken pains to research this post to make sure I wasn't going crazy, so now I'm putting it to a referendum.

    I have a pretty straightforward form that was created and password protected in Word 2003 and which I converted to 2007 (dotm) format. Two things surprised me: First, it informed me that a simple DOTX format wouldn't do, because of the embedded macros. The thing is, there is no code in the document! I thought maybe they meant the form controls, which included simple drop-downs (but NO macros!) I tested it and saved it in both DOTX and DOTM formats, and they appear to function identically.

    But the second thing is the REAL kicker: I spent half of today trying to remember the password I must have used, so that I could modify the form. (It was "protected for forms".) Nothing worked. So I went back to the old 2003 DOC file (from whence the form came) and discovered that I had the password correct!

    Smelling something fishy, I did a test. I password protected the DOC file as before, then converted it and saved it as DOTM (why push my luck with a DOTX warning?) and discovered that, yes, Word 2007 did not recognize the stupid password! In fact, the only way I could convert the file "correctly" was to do it while it WASN'T password protected. (It also worked if I protected it for form-filling but didn't actually use a password.)

    Is this a documented (or undocumented) feature? I mean, I'm glad I found it out and that I had the old DOC version lying around, but still... that's rather egregious, no?
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    hi Mesaka,

    It's a known bug that arose out of the Word 2007 SP2 update MS issued some months ago - a correcting update is still awaited. I believe there are some hotfixes available, but I've heard there are issues with those too ...

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