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    Access and Num Lock Problems
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    Developed a business database in Access97 which has proven itself over the last 12 years, progressing through Office 2000.
    When I moved up the ladder to Office 2003, a problem arose in which when entering information into the first field of a Sales Form, a lookup table, the Num Lock and Caps Lock would toggle to off. A little research revealed solutions way out of my league of understanding. I decided to put up with the annoyance of manually toggling the keys back on each time I opened the form.
    I made the jump to Office 2007 and now, the annoyance has turned into a headache, for EACH RECORD, the Num Lock and Caps Lock toggles off. With over 200 record entries per month and, two other forms that perform the same way, I’m not willing to make the FULL switchover unless this problem is resolved.
    Research reveals vague solutions of avoiding “SendKeys” language in forms design but, lacking VBA programmer training, cannot proceed past this point.
    If anyone can guide me in the right direction, even if it means returning to Office 2003, I would appreciate any help.

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    We will need a bit more detail to give you a hand with your problem. It appears you must have a Macro running on some of the events associated with your forms that uses the Send Keys function to do things. Look at your form design, and in particular at what I presume is a combo box that is the first field you hit when entering data, and see if it references a Macro. Then find that Macro in the Macro group in the Navigation Pane and tell us what event is triggering the macro, and all tell exactly what the macro code looks like when you view it in design mode. If that gets to be too big a challenge, if you can reduce your database to a small amount of data (annomized if necessary), then you can upload it to a post and we can look at it. I suspect that the solution to your problem won't be as difficult as it appears initially.

    BTW, welcome to the posting side of the Lounge - I think you will find it a helpfu and friendly resource.

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