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    Does anyone know how to save (overwrite) the default MMC admini consoles with customizations you might make to support a particular environment? Take for example the Remote Desktops console tsmmc.msc --- This console is useless until you add systems to it to connect to, but when you close it, it doesn't save anything you added like the same MMC on Windows XP would. To add insult to injury it will not even allow you to save the changes as the same file name, thus forcing you to create a new console with anything you want to keep. While this works, it's a bit messy having to create a new console for every admin tool I use and then create a folder full of shortcuts to the ones I use. I'm not particularly enamored of the idea of creating one "superconsole" to add everything into either. I have too many things I have to manage. I tried taking ownership of the file and then saving over it, but apparently there is a little more to it than that. Any ideas are welcome...



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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Have you tried starting by rightClicking on mmc.exe and choosing Run as Administrator? HTH

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