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    I am on a site, where i have an access application, spread over 200 ish pc's.

    the newer versions of my database front end, have self checks running on on-timer events, that will kick people out of the front end and then block anyone trying to get in from that point onwards, when i set a variable in another database.

    However, there are a few older versions of my front end, that still references the back end. And i need to make some changes to the back end.

    Pinpointing which of the 200~+ pcs, has the application open seems to be difficult. the Pc's are spread over a huge site.. so i cannot just go and check them all.

    There is an application called LDBview.exe, which shows a list of computers that have the application locked. however, that information is limited to the user name of the machine, wheras i need to find out the identifier of the person logged on to the machine, the windows username, which for our company network, is like this, E123456.

    For clarification, i know i can get the machine name, and the mdw information of the security file, information, im after the windows log in name, of the machine that has the database open.

    Does anyone know if there is anyway extract this information.


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    psloggedon.exe -l \\computername
    You need to be a network admin to extract the data because you need to connect to the PCs.
    From Sysinternals.

    cheers, Paul

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