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    I currently use Word 2007. One or two versions back (maybe three) we made the decision to store our "template" documents as doc files. The reason is this: if you start a file from a dot file (now dotm I think), it used to be that if someone else did not have that same dot file, the styles got all messed up from whatever was in the "Normal" template on the users computer.

    My question is this: Is that still true in Word 2007? If someone opens and edits a document without the dotm file from which the docx file originated, will the styles get messed up?

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Hi Troy,

    Word 2007 basically works the same in this respect as earlier versions. I'm not sure about your comments regarding "if someone else did not have that same dot file, the styles got all messed up ", though. Once a document is created, the Styles from the template it was based on should go with it. There is a setting you can use to override that (tools|Templates and Add-ins|Automatically update document Styles - pre Word 2007), but this takes effect immediately the document is opened, not just as a conseuence of making any edits.

    Paul Edstein
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