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    Hello All,
    I have a user who is having problems getting a report to save in Access 2007. The report was created in Access 2003 and when they open it exclusively in 2007 the save dialog box keeps popping up and the report doesn't save or close. They can pull up the report and make the change but when they close it and it prompts them to save it they hit yes and the save dialog box goes away but the report stays up. It keeps taking you thru this cycle and never saves the change.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated

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    Is the report being opened in design mode or in display mode (print preview typically)? I have seen cases where a form is open in display mode, and then you can't save changes to a report or form. What I discovered was that if I was carefully to only have one object open, and it was opened in design mode, then I could save changes. It is also possible that report is corrupted in some way. Have you tried opening the database with 2003 and then saving the design changes? (That would likely involve moving it to another PC with Access 2003.)

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