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    I've checked various sites on this that were specific to Crystal Reports and since there appears to be no way to do this within [any version of] Crystal Reports (suprising, I know) and so now I'm branching out to CR (Crystal Reports) alternatives for the report like Excel or perhaps even Access.

    We have a report done in Crystal Reports (Ver 9.0) that pulls from a SQL Server Database. The report has nested grouping of 3 levels. The problem we've run into is how to deal with orphanned Headers/Footers in any of the 3 levels when they occur. An Orphanned section is where a Header or a Footer appears on a page without a corresponding Header or Footer that goes with it. This usually happens because the amount of detail level data or rows in that group [or section] are greater then will fit on a single page along with the Header & Footer for that section.

    In our cases the problems we need to solve is this:

    How do we tell the reporting process/engine to make the following decision

    a) If the first item at the top of the page is a Footer then go back one page and split the Detail section on that page in half so that the second half of it appears on the next page along with the footer.

    b) If the last section to print is a Header then move Header to Next page.

    In Crystal Reports there are so many formatting options that you’d think this kind of thing would be possible but it only works with non-nested grouping. Once you move into 2+ levels of groups or nesting it is unable to handle this because the options in CR for handling this does not take into account our scenario.

    I was hoping that maybe someone who works with Excel or Access has run into this and found a way to do it in Excel or Access.

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    Access will be able to handle this. You use a combination of Grouping and Sorting to organize the data, then use Can Grow, Can Shrink, Force New Page, and Keep Together properties on sections to control how the data displays.

    You may not be able to have the data split conveniently at halfway, but you should be able to ensure that you don't get the widows and orphans.

    Now, be warned, you'll go crazy getting this just right! I've been working with Access for fifteen years and I still get into a muddle with getting reports to behave exactly as I want. Every now and then there'll be a situation where it takes a lot of trial and error and fiddling to get it to work just right.

    You may want to try SQL Server Reporting Services too - I don't have much experience there I'm afraid.

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