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    I've been searching for some time now and I haven't been able to find good documentation on using the Database field.

    I'm trying to use it to query child records for whichever record is being mail merged at the time. It seems like there is an awful lot going on to make it work.

    Do anyone have any comments about making this work?

    Things such as: Do I need ODBC for this work?
    What If I'm working within the MS environment (database = MS Access), will simple DDE work?
    What are the necessary arguments? I'm sure data source, location, and query are the big 3, but are there others?

    Please comment.

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    You may have resolved this by now, but if not...

    Microsoft's basic help page (Field codes: Database field - Word - Microsoft Office Online) uses an example with a DSN, which is a pre-defined ODBC connection. Most installations of Office should include the components necessary to make an ODBC connection to an Access database. To create a DSN, use: Start>Programs>Administrative Tools>Data Sources (ODBC). A "System" DSN should be available to Word (not sure about the others).

    But... perhaps it would be simpler to use a more nuanced query to pull your parent and child data into a single data set at the beginning of your merge. Macropod has posted a tutorial on a related kind of merge -- a catalog merge -- which may be of assistance in working with denormalized sets of your data: [topic=731107]Word 97-2007 Mailmerge Tutorial: Create Sorted Listings (v1.52) (Lounge forum: Word Processing)[/topic].

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