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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am in desperate need of assistance. I suffer from very limited mobility, so I have computers scattered hither and yon all over the house. Up until this week, my little internal network was working just fine. I could remote desktop to any machine from any machine, all the drives on the network were shared at the root so I could access any file from any machine, etc. It was like having an old mainframe with terminals scattered all over the house (except my PDA has more computing power than many of the old mainframes). Enter the machine I built Tuesday. I decided to go ahead and put Win 7 on it, expecting it to integrate seamlessly with my existing network. I supposed you have guessed from the topic of this thread that "seamlessly" didn't turn out to be the appropriate adverb. In fact, due both to the forum restrictions about language and my own reluctance use such words in public, I can't even say the "appropriate" adverb here.

    Security is NOT an issue. So please don't tell me that sharing drives at the root level is not a good idea because some unscrupulous jerk might come along and delete my windows directory or something. I won't do that, and I'm the only unscrupulous jerk that logs onto to this network.

    I'm not a novice at networking, but I feel like I must be missing something very basic. Can somebody please post detailed instructions on how to go about adopting my orphaned Win 7 x64 Home Premium machine back into the big, happy computer family please? Please use small words and include every tiny detail. I don't want to miss an important step because "everybody knows" to do this or that or the other.

    Thank you so much for your kind assistance.


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    Hi Elaine, and welcome to the Lounge!

    First, some questions.

    Do you use a router, and if so, what model and how old is it? Are you using wireless b, g or n? Is your Windows 7 PC effective range of your router?

    Does your Windows 7 machine see your other computers?

    Do any of your other computers see the Win7 machine?

    Are you able to connect to the internet with the Win7 computer, but not with the other machines on your network?

    Have you successfully pinged your Win7 PC from another, and vice versa? If you have been able to do so with the IP address, try it also with the computer name to see if it pings successfully.

    Do you have a mix of ethernet and wireless on your network? Is your Win7 machine wireless or ethernet? If wireless, it should have detected your network immediately after login and and you should have been able to see it when clicking the wireless icon on your notification bar. Clicking on the detected network and entering your security protocol key should have connected your computer. If your Win7 computer uses ethernet, try a different cable.

    Are you using DHCP to automatically assign IP addresses? If so, is your IP address range (number of addresses it will provide) large enough to be able to assign an address to your newly added computer?

    Verify you Win7 machine is using the same default gateway address, subnet mask, DNS sever addresses as is your router set up.

    Check in Control Panel > System to confirm you are using the same Workgroup name on the Win7 machine as the rest of your network.

    Have you been to the Control Panel's Network and Sharing Center? In the Center be sure to specify your network as a Home network (Home and Work are private) and not a Public one.
    Click on "Change advanced sharing settings" on the left panel. Check to be sure you have Network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing on.

    Hope this helps.

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    Do you have an account that is the same name and same password on all of these machines?

    Now that you have added Windows 7 (Or Vista) needs to have this same account on all machines for better access.

    One does NOT need to logged in using this account, it just needs to be their.

    Make a Admin account with the same password and it needs to be a real password and not just the "Enter key", log into this new account and make that it works, log out (Do not use switch user) and the log in using your regular account. This needs to be done on ALL machines and will breakdown most of your brick wall.

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