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    Have created a "form" in Word 2007 using Legacy Forms tools (ie. Text formfield, Checkbox formfield)

    The form works fine with protection on, and can be completed by users and emailed back to me.

    I want to take the data from the form fields ONLY and then use that data to merge into a word document.

    I have followed the instructions on the microsoft site - several times!

    ie. Set properties for fields,
    Set bookmark names for each field
    protected document
    In Word Options, Advanced, ticked "Save form data as delimited text file"

    Then when saving the form data, using "save only data from forms" in save as.

    Word asks me what i want to call the data file (saving as a .txt) and after i type in the file name, click ok, but the file is not created!

    I tried creating a blank file and saving the data into an existing file, but that doesn't work either. The file remains empty. I am not getting any error message, it appears that it should have worked, but still an empty .txt file.

    I don't use VBA so can't program or tweak this myself. Should i be using the control toolbox instead of legacly tools? (which seems like a lot more setting up to me).

    If anyone can throw some light on what else i need to do, i would be MOST grateful.

    I am collecting a fair amount of data on each form and manually entering the data into a merge data file, is not an option.

    Please help. Many thanks.
    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    Have just tried this in Word 2007, and it seems to work fine - a .txt file gets created containing whatever data I've entered into the formfields.

    After you specify a file name in the SaveAs dialog, are you seeing the File Conversion dialog? (see attached picture)

    Also, please provide a link back to the instructions on the Microsoft site, so others can take a look, thanks.


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    You may have solved this by now, but if not, or if you need a VBA solution, please post back on where you are.

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