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    Outlook Instead of Outlook Express (2000)

    Especially in light of the recent virus scare, I am thinking it would be better to use Outlook than Outlook Express for sending and receiving email. My Norton AntiVirus supports Outlook, but not Outlook Express. It seems to me there was something in a recent Woody newsletter about configuring Outlook to be your primary email vehicle in place of Outlook Express. Can anyone help me find this, or any other information that will give me guidance?

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    Re: Outlook Instead of Outlook Express (2000)

    properly setup and used, express is as safe as outlook or any other mail program.

    using a virus scanner to insure safety is misguided - it can help to identify viruses, but often users rely on it too much and a scanner is only as good as the latest definations. opening unknown and unexpected attachments thinking that NAV will protect you is bad. (and a lot of people do it)

    i would use the email client you prefer and practice "safe internet"... this link is a bit old, but worthwhile anyway. some of the setting are now enabled, if you have the newest express version.
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    Re: Outlook Instead of Outlook Express (2000)

    Thanks for response. The article you directed to me is helpful. I think I'll stick with Outlook Express, and continue to use caution. My virus definitions, etc., are always uptodate, so a little bit of added protection is appealing, but Outlook Express seems more mutipurpose, in sense it is the vehicle most often used when communicating online. Or at least that has been my experience--possibly due to way my computer is configured.

    Again, thanks for quick and helpful response.

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