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    Iím using the Office 2010 Beta and I want to use Outlook to send a business email to approx. 80 sales contacts. I am NOT using Business contact manager.

    I created my email as a template. I used a jpg file as a background and another jpg as part of the message itself.

    I then created a dozen dummy contacts all with email address that would forward to one of my own email accounts so I could test the whole process.

    The email looked perfect in my sent box, but on arrival, the images were shown as attachments, and the spacing of text was completely changed.

    I did a few tests to see if any changes (I'm using HTML format, and not using Word as my editor) would make a difference. I discovered that if I created a new email in the same format and sent it without saving it as a template, it all worked perfectly, and arrived looking the same as I had sent it. As soon as I use it as a template however I get the format changing completely.

    Can anyone help please? I've never tried this before, so I have no knowledge of what may or may not be an issue.

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    It does sound like you are getting inconsistent behavior - have you tried this same scenario with Outlook 2007. If you get the same results there, this is probably by design - if not, and your are a member of the Beta Testers group, then please submit what you have found using that forum. If not, then you will have to wait until the final product is released. FYI, the Release Candidate version was made available to the Beta Testers group last week.

    Also, with regard to you comment about not using Word, does that mean that you do not have any version of Word installed on your test PC? In both Outlook 2007 and 2010 there is no option to use or not use Word as your editor. The basic editor used by Outlook if no version of Word is installed on your PC is a dumbed down version of Word as I understand it. Finally, note that there are some options in Outlook 2010 that control what the actual sent message looks like when it arrives at the mail server. One of those is to use Cascading Style Sheets, and another is to remove format information not necessary to display the message. Both of those are on by default.

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