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    Does anyone know of a utility that can map the references between files in a web site?

    My client's site has gotten quite messy: the file space contains many files that probably are not used. We want to clean it up, but we're daunted by the task of figuring out which files are really safe to delete.

    I could probably do it grepping the <a> and <img> tags, then sorting them, etc., except for one thing: the site contains dozens of PDF files, whose links must also be considered. Just converting them all to HTML would be time consuming, and I don't know how to make sure that the conversion got all the references in a form that grep would catch. So, I'm looking for a piece of software that will do it all.

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    You are right to be a bit nervous, because some files that you use are difficult to detect, e.g., "rollover" images for JavaScript menus. Maybe something here will help: web site orphan files - Google Search.

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