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    I have a program at work that I use in MS Access. We recently upgraded to 2007 from 2003 but I'm not sure if this is causing my problem. I have run this query since the upgrade and only yesterday started seeing this problem. I run the form and when it produces results, a debug screen appears with the following info:

    the line " If (DateFormat = 1) And (Trim(x) <> " ") Then" is where the debugger stops.

    ' First Release of this function returns a date which comes in as yyyymmdd (DateFormat=1)
    ' and returns in either MM/DD or MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY, depending on the StrLen passed in.
    ' 23.7 - Changed Input Parameter 'x' from a String to Variant Data Type so Null Values will not
    ' cause a Data Type Mismatch error.
    ' - Added 'Not IsNull' check so no formatting will be done for a Null value. If Null, it will
    ' just return and empty string.
    Dim tempdate As String
    tempdate = ""

    If Not IsNull(x) Then
    If (DateFormat = 1) And (Trim(x) <> " ") Then
    tempdate = Mid(x, 5, 2) & "/" & Mid(x, 7, 2) & "/" & IIf(StrLen = 10, Mid(x, 1, 4), Mid(x, 3, 2))
    tempdate = Left(tempdate, StrLen)
    End If
    End If

    ConvDate = tempdate
    End Function

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    Can you post the full function,
    and an example call to it with example input parameters.
    Also what is the debugger message.

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    Doing as Andrew suggests would help a great deal - but my guess is you have some garbage data being passed in that connot be formatted as a date. In the debugger you should be able to print the value of x and see what the data looks like. That function should work just fine in 2007.

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