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    I have just reformatted and passed on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop to my grandson. A few months ago a message appeared "Your battery is not recognised and the system is unable to recharge it" (or something very similar). It appears after every start up then goes away but more annoyingly a similar message appears after the bios has opened and before the (Vista 32 bit), system loads with the addition of a "press any key to continue" option and the system then loads. It is annoying to have to stand there waiting to press "any key". The battery is fine and runs for about 5 hours on balanced power option although the PC is almost always connected to the mains power so my guess is that the message is somehow pre-loaded by Dell as a way to sell more batteries (could it be in the bios itself?) or maybe is attached by Dell Quickset. I've trawled with Google and found several other similar requests from Dell laptop users usually followed by a dozen "I have that problem too", posts but I've yet to find an answer to the problem - other than to buy another make of PC as I've just done. I had hoped that the message would not reappear after the format and clean install but it's still there (which makes me think it's in the bios and maybe comes in a Dell bios update when due time since purchase has passed).
    Any ideas on how to get rid of this annoyance would be gratefully received.

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