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    I had read that Norton had excellent support, and decided to switch from Zone Alarm (because I couldn't get support). Very soon, however, I discovered that my computer wasn't working the same way and thought that perhaps it was a virus. I didn't understand how this could happen, since I hadn't had a virus problem for many years, since I always keep an up-to-date virus.

    I decided to see how Norton would handle this and decided to pay $99.99 for them to do whatever was necessary. This was possibly the worst decision I have made concerning my computer safety in many, many years. After experiencing numerous people that didn't seem to know what to do, I was sent to their Vremoval service, which is where the cost came in. In order to help solve a problem, the support person needs to gain remote control of your computer. That made sense to me, and Norton had all good reviews (I selected Norton 360 - All-in-One package). I have a WinXP SP3 system.

    One of the Norton support people actually made my Data Drive inaccessible: "This drive is inaccessible. The Disk structure is Corrupted and unreadable". Some of the things he said, for instance, he was going to make my computer run "beyond your imaginations", started alarm bells ringing, but it was too late by then. I now have about 100 GB of data that is not accessible to me. Other things also went more and more wrong, and my online backup retrieval bombed as well.

    The support person that I spoke to subsequent to this happening, said that they could not fix what was damaged via remote control, nor could they access the chat session logs to see what he did.

    Norton/Symantec certainly seemed to be willing to spend enough time with me to where I thought that surely a company that is willing to take this kind of time must be doing their best to support me. (I spent probably 15 or more hours in chat sessions with them). However, I have yet to receive any reply to the emails sent to the email address they gave me for 'feedback' purposes.

    My suggestion to everyone, is that at the very moment that it appears that the support personnel don't really understand how to do the things they are there to do, please be aware that taking time with you and being courteous to you is not what will prevent damage to your computer. Watch what is happening and take no chances.

    I am now going through the hassle with my Visa card to get the support charge reversed, and so far, have spent $450.00 in only the first step of trying (hoping) to fix this problem.

    The next time alarm bells start ringing, I am going to simply "pull the plug" from my internet cable, in hopes of preventing further damage by someone who is causing damage under the guise of courteous support.

    Thank you,

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    You may need to run CHKDSK. This probably is more of a Hardware or OS question rather than a Security question.

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    ckdsk may help, if you haven't yet done so try a "safe start" before doing the ckdsk.

    On my XP I have had issues with the registry when Norton goes goofy. I found CCleaner does a nice job of picking up the residue from an uninstall and reinstall (and it is free). Last summer Norton went berserk and I had to call them for support. The tech I dealt with was terrific, and privately admitted they have fewer problems with Norton Internet Security, over the 360. After they fixed my problem I ran the CCleaner and wow there was a lot of fragments to clean up!

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    I have had similiar experiences both with Dell, HP and Netgear.
    In fact, the only good experience I had with Dell is the one time I got through to the Canandian call centre.
    I really do have to wonder how much training the techs that answer the phone have because most times I seem to know more than they do. And I'm no expert.
    The other thing is, I let a Dell techie 'remote control' my system and he wound up reformatting my entire drive. Never again. Remote access is off and will remain so.
    The only time I have got any sort of good support is with my ISP and I think that had a lot to do with the fact that they have been relocated back here to the UK.
    Language barriers are an issue as well.

    I learn as much as I can and then come to this forum and one other where sensible people can maybe help with my problem. I dont' have much faith in tech support.

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