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    I have a budget spreadsheet I have been asked to create and one of the steps is to take the accounts which each have one row and create a row for each month. I have created a macro that will insert the 11 rows between each existing row and replicate the information, but I am getting studk in adding the months. Basically, what I need to do is in columns G:I I need to put the months both numerically (with July being 1) and then by 3 letter designation (JUL,AUG,SEP...) and then in column I a zero. I can add thefirst set with formula's in VB, but when I try to copy them down to fill the rest of the spreadsheet I get stuck. Does anyone have a quick snippet of code that could work to fill this range or a better approach to this altogether? I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet with the macro I have so far in Module 1
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    I've chosen to solve this with a couple of formulas.
    Other solutions do apply here.[attachment=88141:Testcreatebudget.xlsx]
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