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    I am currently using 2007 but am attempting to work in an Access Database that was built in 2003. Before I was upgraded to 2007 I was able to run a macro that would query data based on a set criteria and append it to a table in a different database.

    When I attempt to do this now using 2007 I keep getting an error message. I will receive an Action Failed box with the following info:

    Macro Name: Append to archive database
    Condition: True
    Action Name: OpenQuery
    Arguments: Append to Archive Database, Datasheet, Edit
    Error Number: 2950

    Would anyone know why I am now receiving this error? I assume it's because I am in 2007 but how do I fix it? Thanks for your help!!

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    You are encountering the Trusted Resources issue in Access 2007. See this "Action Failed Error Number: 2950" Microsoft support document. You need to go into Access Options and choose the Trust Center and then click Trust Center Settings and choose Trusted Locations and add the location of the database you are trying to append the data into.

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