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    I have an old Compaq Presario running WinXP. The only thing I'm using it for these days is as a print server. I'd like to get a dedicated network print server and retire the old Compaq if for no other reason but to save electricity. I have a Canon IP2600 printer. I'm looking at an IOGear GPSU21. I've read about a lot of flakiness and incompatibility with devices like this. Their compatibility document lists the IP2000 as compatible, but doesn't go so far to say all in that series are compatible. I suspect it'll work, but what I really want to know is if anyone has experience with these little print servers, and in particular this model.

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    I bought a reputable brand print server, single port, both wired and wireless, and had nothing but grief. When it did print, we'd get half a page. I finally gave up and made the USB printer local to one PC on a wired network, and shared from there. The PC can be use for other things of course. In my current setup, the PC with the printer connected runs Vista-64. It shared nicely with wireless Windows 7 laptop. But I've never been able to get it to print from a wired Win2K laptop.

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