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    I want to create a new Visio connector master. There is a shape on the Connectors stencil called "Side - side". I want to create a new master that extends that by one more link to create a side to top connector with 4 segments. I have copied the "Side - side" connector to an editable stencil, and I can open it to edit it, but I have no idea of how it was constructed to be able to add another segment.

    Is there a Visio expert out there who can help me??

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    The details of how a shape is constructed is revealed by selecting the shape and then going to Window>Show Shapesheet. This opens a new window with a series of tables which control how that shape appears and behaves.

    If you experiment with some of the settings then you should be able to create your very own frankenshape

    Hint: As a starting point, you will need to add a new line to the Geometry 1 table. You do this by right clicking the row and choosing Insert Row. You will notice some many cells refer to other tables in the shapesheet eg if a cell says 'Controls.Y1' then you need to look at the Y1 cell value in the table called Controls.
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