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    I really really dislike the new Windows Search function. It might have been in Vista, I don't know, I gave Vista a very very wide berth. But in W7 it is absolutely USELESS. It never finds anything I want. When I tell it to search I want it to SEARCH (the ENTIRE disk) not just flip through a few indexed locations. Anybody know how to get the old Search Assistant into W7. At the moment I am using Snowbird, which does EXACTLY what I want but is a bit limited in its memory functions. If they sort that out I'll dump Windows Search completely. Any body know how to stick Snowbird into the context menu? It's nearly enough to dump W7 completely.

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    Hi Peter and welcome to the Lounge!

    You can tell Windows 7 search to include your entire hard drive(s) by going to Control Panel>Indexing Options and clicking the Modify button. In the Indexed Locations box, check mark the drive(s) you want indexed. If you see text in the Indexing Options box indicating that Indexing is not running , you can go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services and locate Windows Search . Right click on it and choose properties , if it is disabled, change it to automatic, and click start .

    It will take more time to index the entire hard drive, depending on how much you have stored on it.

    Hope this helps.

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