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    Having tried Windows7 on my desktop machine I found it to slow. That's the computers fault not Win7. I have had Win XP-Pro on that machine for years, reinstalling whenever I screwed things up to badly to recover. The folks in India (I guess) were always very polite and got me going quickly. This last time they told me something was wrong with my activation key and that I must fax my name, telephone # and key to Microsoft. I was told that Microsoft would contact me within 72 hours.

    Friday, the 12th of Feb. I complied and faxed the info to the phone number I was given. Today is Thursday, the 18th & I haven't heard from Microsoft and I am quite upset with them. I am a fence straddler, being neither a fan or basher of Microsoft but I'm starting to fall off the fence.


    I started this missive at 6:45 AM and at 6:51 my telephone rings..."Private Number" I went ahead and answered (I usually don't, normally it's a salesman) and the person on the other end identified himself as a representative of Microsoft. Names from a foreigh country are hard for me so I didn't get that...but 15 minutes later I had a brand new key and my system was activated.

    Aparently Microsoft had blocked by key. I never did understand why. The young man said that there were other systems/keys/persons? whose situation had been escalated and that mine was the first in the que to be resolved. Oh Happy Day

    Chuck Lingo

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    Hi Chuck, and welcome to the Lounge!

    Glad you got good results from Microsoft on your key activation!

    "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Sir Winston Churchill

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