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    I am sure my daughter's PC has a keylogger. Her x-boyfriend had her PC when they broke up, and gave it back recently. She lives in San Francisco and I was visiting her last week. I installed Comodo Firewall, and it was registering lots of outgoing blocked attempts. Some were probably okay like hpcaslNotification and HpqToaster.exe and TPHelper.exe. I had to remove the firewall because an alert about an outgoing attempt would pop-up, then her computer would freeze. I am back home in Little Rock, and am very concerned there is still a keylogger on her computer. I installed Avast and Malwarebytes and ran full scans. Malwarebytes detected and removed one problem called something like .displayproperties. Can't remember the exact name. Does anyone know of a good product for her to download and run that can, for sure, detect keyloggers? She's not computer savvy. If not, I will tell her to take it to a computer specialist. Anyone know anyone good in San Francisco?

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    There are plenty of good malware removal tools around and the ones you've installed are sufficient.
    But when all is said and done, if any doubts remain I would consider the system compromised.
    She can easily be walked through a clean instal or system restore from the recovery disk or partition. (not a system restore point)
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Removing Comodo Firewall was not the best possible move.

    It is quite possible that the x-boyfriend could have installed a keylogger or credit card sniffer etc. WITH phone-home capability.

    One of the benefits of Comodo is that when malware tries to phone home,
    Comodo will give a warning pop-up, and by default will block the connection until the user hits "Allow".

    Additionally Comodo may also see and warn of suspicious activities by Keyloggers, sniffers etc BEFORE they have any data to phone home.

    I use the computer many hours per day, and average only 1 Comodo pop-up per day.
    My son gets a lot more, but he is more adventurous !

    If you want to try again Comodo User forum has a lot of advice upon reducing the pop-ups.


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    Hi Ivy :

    There are 2 types of Keyloggers ; hardware and software . For hardware
    Ones, need to carefully check the keyboard for any "unusual" thing that
    May be there . For software keylogger programs, Experts on the
    Wilders Security Forums recommend looking into using either :

    1) Privacy Shield at

    2) KeyScrambler Personal at

    3) Zemana at

    Number #3 is the best and usually need to BUY it; however,
    they offer a FREE 15 day "Trial" .
    For the BEST in what counts in Life :

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