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    Page break to odd pages (Access 97)

    I have a sales report which covers about 50 territories. I'm printing it on a duplex printer, so I want each salesperson's section to start on a new real page, i.e, an odd page number. So if sales rep 5 ends on page 9, I want sales rep 6 to start on page 11, so we can separate and mail the report.

    Is there a page break event that I can attach some code to which would insert the appropriate number of form feeds (0,1, or 2) before starting the next section?



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    Re: Page break to odd pages (Access 97)

    I'm not sure of exact methodology since I've never done it myself, by I can point you in right direction. I'm assuming you have a group header for Salesperson (if not, create it). From Toolbox, place a PageBreak control in that section, and set it's Visible property = False.

    Now, in the OnFormat event of the Salesperson header, you need code to determine if you are starting where you want it. For example, if you are on an even # page, then you make the PageBreakControl visible. If not, make it invisible.
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