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    Networking Windows 95

    I have a client whose office has two computers running Windows 95 that are networked together so each computer can share files of the other without using a password. This has been running fine for some time until one day when #1 tried to log onto #2 and was faced with a screen asking for the network password, which of course they did not have. #2 still connected with #1 OK. I removed the *.pwl files from both computers but this did not solve the problem. We have no idea how the need for a password got into the computer but we have to eliminate it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,


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    Re: Networking Windows 95

    Hi ErnieJay

    Check out the Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q152104 on preventing the WIN95 login prompt at startup.

    Click here to go to the article.

    I hope this helps.

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