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    On Outlook 2003 Calendar I always preferred the 7 Weekly view (7 Week) (Day/Week/Month). It showed the days on the week in two columns. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were on the left side and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday were on the right side. Start and End times were listed vertically within the each day and were very easy to read.

    I just got Outlook 2007. When I choose the Weekly view there it lists the days it lists the days of the week across the top (7 very narrow columns) and it is very difficlut to read the appointment descreptions, etc. You have to hover the cursor over each one to read. Is there any way to set the view back as I had it in Outlook 2003?

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    You can try customizing the Weekly view, but I don't think you will be able to replicate what you had in 2003. You might try turning off the extra stuff on the left and right sides, as that will let your columns be a bit wider. I suspect they designed it with widescreen monitors in mind - it is pretty usable in that situation.

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