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    Hi loungers.....does anyone know of any software that will allow you to take a photo and then use that photo as a backdrop (behind you) when you are using your webcam......for example, take a photo of a room and then have it show as the background behind you when you are using your that a viewer thinks that you are in that room, even though you may be elsewhere? Thanks.

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    You're inquiring about green screen or masking software. I don't employ the technique but it involves setting up a uniform flat green or blue backdrop wherever you are and then using a image you've taken superimposed on the green backdrop and have the software suppress the backdrop wherever you are in front of it.

    That's easier said than done, at least to the point where it will fool a viewer since there are often litttle glitches in the software that allow a little halo effect or some sparklies here and there that keep it from looking perfectly like the real thing. Unless you have the resources that a movie studio would have and can apply the sophistication needed for believability.

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