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    I have two laptops running Windows 7. On one I have installed XP Mode (XP running within Virtual PC). On the other I have VMWare Server with an XP client. As far as I can tell, the two XP setups are very similar with the same anti-virus and firewall software with the exact same configuration, and both are using IE 7 with the default configuration. Ditto for the Win7 systems - exact same security suite is in use with the same configuration.

    There is a web site I use that runs an OpenLaszlo app within IE, and the site makes a call to a service via some port. That web site is configured to be a trusted web site in IE. In the XP Mode, the call is blocked, but with XP running in VMWare, the call is not blocked. (This is a high-level overview, I could provide the excruciating details if needed.) Of course, accessing the web site from a physical XP machine that is similarly configured works just fine.

    Does anyone know of any information on Virtual PC blocking certain network calls?

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    I would expect XP mode in W7 to be a cut down virtual machine with just enough bits to run standard programs. What you are attempting is not quite standard...
    This is just an educated guess. ;-))

    cheers, Paul

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