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    I am running WinXP SP3 on a generic desktop computer. Have Norton AV installed and Spybot 1.6.X shows nothign out of the ordinary. I do backups for this box with Drive Image 7. Its a setup that has been well behaved for a couple years. Starting a few weeks ago, I started getting an odd reaction with my context menu. When I go int Windows Explorer and try to do a right click for the context menu (looking for disk drive properties sheet), it immediately fires off the installation setup program for Drive Image 7. This is odd, as I haven't mucked around with an install / uninstall for that program for a couple years. I have three hard drives defined - one partitioned into two (programs and data) and a third used as a backup target. Once I kill the setup program run, context menus work normally until the next time I restart the computer. I plan on removing Drive Image 7 completely and seeing what shows up in the context menus. Suspect malware wanting to fire off something and am expecting an error upon that test.

    Anyone out there see or heard anything like this? I don't mind getting into the registry and changing keys if necessary, but need to know the default values. Thanks for any suggestions. Cheers -

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    I have not personally seen this behavior before but your own sugestion of troubleshooting drive Image 7 by removing/reinstaling it
    sounds like a good first step. If it is not the case then your could use one of your backup images to restore from.

    You might want to get a second "malware tool" assessment as well, and or an online scan.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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