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    When I go to realize a search in Google Maps, the web site address is usually cached and shows only, such that when I open a new window by pressing ctrl + N, I get a new web page that takes me from the map I was viewing to the Google Maps homepage. On a few occasions, however, I was lucky and Google showed the entire web site address that a particular map was based at. When that happened, if I opened a new window, the new window would display that address and the exact same map I was looking at, rather than defaulting to the Google homepage.

    Is there a way to replicate this latter behavior or to get Google Maps to always display the page I am looking at?

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    The way Ctrl+N works is one of the sometimes useful and sometimes frustrating quirks of Internet Explorer. But I digress...

    Google Maps intercepts most mouse actions so that you cannot use the usual tricks, such as Shift+clicking a link to open it in a new window. Your best bet might be to click Link at the upper right of the map, copy the link and paste it to the address bar and press Enter. This will lock in your latest search result so that if you press Ctrl+N, you will reload it to that exact spot. Of course, if you scrolled the map since your last search, the link probably will not reflect that. Perhaps someone else will see a more convenient way.

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