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    I have Windows XP Home and Pro (SP3), and Office 2002. I have about 40GB of data that needs a back up and a synch.

    I have contacted various vendors who are MORE than happy to provide back up services - some good (Mozy) some not as good (Norton). The main issue that none of these back up services can address - at least right now - is my need to synchronize two, or possibly even three computers (two laptops and a Desktop), as well as a Blackberry. If I do it right, I should only need to back up ONE computer, as all the others would have the same data. One of the laptops will have personal and/or family data on that, but I figure I can set up a completely seperate back up for that.

    I am willing to PAY for a decent synch application, but so far all the free ones have been difficult to learn or use. The one app I did purchase - Goodsynch - is so complicated, with so many exceptions, rules, and icons, that I have all but given up on it. Is there ANYTHING out there that can make synchronizing computers a simpler task? For example, Goodsynch has a real problem backing up .pst (Office 2002) files. I have yet to figure out how they want me to back those up!

    So if anyone has a decent synch program that is somewhat easy to learn and to follow, I'd love to hear about it. AND, is there anything our there that is less of a resource hog than Norton Back Up (NOBU) or a good option other that Mozy for my needs?

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    Have you considered Download details: SyncToy 2.1? There is also Download details: SyncToy White Paper for more information.


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