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    Hey all,

    I've got a strange new problem I've never seen before. Where I work we have a Linux server that has a set of shared folder set up on it. All users have access to this shared folder. I'm fairly certain that all users have the same level of access to this folder.

    In this folder I have a non-split MDB file. The first user to open the file opens it fine. Subsequent users can't open the file by double-clicking it or a shortcut to it. However, they can open Access and do File/Open, and the file will open just fine.

    I've got all the shared/record locking set to defaults, which is the way I've always done multi-user databases, so I'm fairly certain it has to do with the Linux share config. My problem is I don't know Linux much, and I do know this used to work. So I'm thinking it is a configuration change that happened recently.

    Anybody have an idea?



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    It sounds as if the default open when double-clicking a database is for the database to be opened exclusively. You didn't indicate what version of Access is being used - has that changed recently - Access 2007 is a bit more restrictive than prior versions.

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