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    How does one force hyperlink formatting in an Excel spreadsheet?

    Two of the columns in a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) that I use record email and web addresses.

    All of the addresses appear as hyperlinks, i.e. blue and underlined, but some occasionally seem to lose their hyperlink properties, although they remain blue and underlined. This means that when one hovers over them, the cursor stays as the usual Excel cross rather than changing to the hand/finger symbol. Also, clicking on them does not launch the browser (or email client).

    Is there any way to ensure they are formatted, and work, as hyperlinks please?



    PS Occasionally when I paste in new addresses, the data remains black and does not show as hyperlinks...

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    Excel attempts to format URLs as hyperlinks, but it is not always successful. If you have a hyperlink you can right click it and remove the hyperlink, leaving the formatting - blue and underlined. You can also remove the formatting but leave the hyperlink.

    The only way to check if all cells have hyperlinks would be to write a macro that tests a particular range of cells. Then it can add a hyperlink if one doesn't exist and maybe change the formatting so you know it's been checked.

    cheers, Paul

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    A couple of thoughts
    1) to force Excel to pick up the fact that the address you've just pasted needs a hyperlink, try pressing the F2 button after you've pasted. Sometime a cell needs editing to 'wake up' to the hyperlink. Also an address pasted with extra spaces at the end sometimes won't hyperlink - so you may need to remove them.
    2) If you have a column of email addresses, which you want to force to by hyperlinked, try the hyperlink formula.
    I'd insert a column and use the following formula: =HYPERLINK("mailto:" &A1,A1) (where the cell A1 contains the email address).
    For web addresses the formula might look like =HYPERLINK("http://"&A1,A1), if you have been entering web addresses without the http.
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