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    We have a Windows 2000 server box running as a Terminal Server for remote users to get at our ERP system. Recently a user had her computer replaced, with new Dell Vostro. She has a HP LaserJet 2100 printer she uses to print vendor checks with and it is attached to her computer via a parallel to USB adapter cable.

    When she logs into the terminal server, she sees all printers normally available on her own pc except for the HP LaserJet 2100. It will simply not redirect. We came up with a work around and installed the printer on the terminal server. While logged in as an administrator we can then go into the properties and choose one of the TS ports that goes with the logged in user. However, between logoffs and or disconnects of the session, the port does not stay as the TSXXX port numbers seem to change. Ideally, we would like to solve the problem of why the printer will not redirect in the first place.

    We also have a Windows 2003 Terminal Server set up for testing and when the user logs into that server, the printer in question shows up without any problems.

    If anyone has seen the same thing happen and knows how to fix it, that would be wonderful.

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    I'm afraid my Terminal Server experience has only been with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (2000 is so last decade!). For 'really' remote printers I just choose an arbitrary port like COM3, LPT2, or whatever, initially and the operating system tends to sort it out.

    You could try the registry change "How to modify the registry to configure default printer redirection on a Terminal Services client" which appears half-way down this Microsoft KB article 911913 How to redirect the default printer of a Terminal Services client to a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server session in the hope that it will also work on 2000?

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    Maybe it's the parallel to USB cable that has chucked a wobbly?
    Is it possible to use it in USB mode or is the software old and junk?

    cheers, Paul

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