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    I had to get a new hard drive installed and my programs transferred. Fortunately the old drive hadn't failed totally, and the transfer occurred fine except for a new problem when I open Word or Excel. (Office 2003--XP operating system)
    First I get a cue from Windows Installer--"Preparing for Install" Then a window that says: "An error has occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please run setup and select "Repair..." to restore this application." Then the application opens just fine after a wait of over one minute.

    I've tried running Setup and Repair but it no longer will run. It gives me a cue that it can't run.

    I can live with this, but it's a pain. Any ideas on how to clear this problem up??

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    You should first download and run the Microaoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Then try the Office Repair function again. If it fails again, you are going to have to reinstall from the original CD.

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