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Thread: CD Burn speed

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    Is the speed a CD can be burnt a factor of the burning software or the optical drive itself?

    I'm trying to burn some audio CDs, something I last did successfully about 8 years ago. Apart from using specific Audio standard blank CDs, one piece of advice I can remember from that time was to burn the CD at the slowest speeds possible, otherwise the resultant CD may skip and/or stick when played on a conventional hi-fi CD unit. The logic here, as I recall, was that a hi-fi typically had less aggressive error correction that PC CD drives and had lower tolerance for the odd burn error. At the time, I was using something like a 20x CD burner and could step down the burning speed to approximately 4x, which burned a full CD in about 20 minutes that was stable and played well in whatever player I tried it in. I'm still listening to the CDs I produced back then.

    Time and technology march on, however. My current CD burner is rated at something like 50 or 60x and, despite trying a couple of burning programs, the slowest burn speed I appear to be able to achieve is 20x. While this burns a CD very quickly, none of the conventional CD players I have can play it without error. What's more, different players will choose to skip or stutter at different places. I've tried burning through MediaMonkey, JetAudio JukeBox and Ashampoo Burning CD 10 and none of them can offer me the sub-10x speeds I'd like to choose to burn something that's actually useful. I've wasted a few CDs now and the problem is beginning to brass me off big time.

    Is there any way to slow down the burn speed to the rate I'm after, or a way to increase the efficiency of the burn at the speeds the unit offers, such that I can create something I can use successfully?


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    The quality of the blank disk should govern the write speed. If you have a 52X burner, make sure to purchase quality brand 52X blanks. Compatibility is rarely a problem these days: just let the burner run at its own max speed. Use burning software like the free ImgBurn which is small and reliable. Note that because CDs start burning from the centre out, it will report a relatively slow burn rate initially: as the CD fills it will get faster and eventuially read full speed as it approaches the outer tracks.

    Make sure to toggle on the Verify option to ensure the data has been correctly written.

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    I'm still listening to CDs I've burned 5-7 years ago too. I let the software choose the speed.
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