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    Hi I'm looking for someone that can take the database I made and improve it.
    The database I made does not do some of the things I need it to do. I donít know if anyone is familiar with cattlemax software? My database is kind of like that but I cant just pick one cow to do meds on, or if I need to just move one cow --the way I have it you have to pick the group. I know I could just buy cattlemax but I know someone out there could fix mine or make a different Microsoft Access database that will do the same. Anyone know of anyone who would like to give this a try. I will send you my database and you give me a price on how much it will take to make the changes I need. I live in a town were no one even knows computer.
    No one in this town even uses any of the Microsoft office applications except for word

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    I'd be glad to take a look at your database, and quote a price for updating it. This is what I do for a living.

    Zip it up and send it to me ( Include changes you want; specific examples of what you want to do is often helpful.
    Mark Liquorman
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