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    Hi all,

    I have a ASUS P5K mobo, 4 GB Crucial RAM, 750W PS, WinXP SP3, Q9450 processor gently overclocked from 2.66 to 3.21 GHz. About 2 months ago I was instructed to upgrade the Intel Chipset Software from 8.x to 9.1.1.x.x because of USB issues. Since then, under heavy CPU load, the machine will freeze in when in kernel mode. Sound stutters, the mouse pointer will not move, network I/O comes to a grinding halt, and no disk I/O appears to be happening.

    The easiest way to reproduce this is to either (1) run FSX with any add-on a/c, (2) run Office 2003 or OpenOffice 3.1 with four or five windows open, (3) have 2 or 3 FireFox 3.6 windows open with 4 downloads going and each window having multiple tabs. The move-into-kernel-mode and freeze rarely happens at the desktop level. I've seen unusual BSOD's twice.

    Debugging attempts have included (1) disconnecting everything except the mouse and keyboard (Mouse is USB, keyboard is PS2); (2) attempting to go back to a system restore point before the INF "update" (yes, a waste of time in XP) (3) going into Device Manager, expanding System, and manually removing and installing all the ICH9 INF after cleaning out the usual cache locations; (4) de-overclocking the CPU; (5) de-overclocking the GPU (a Radeon 512MB 3780); (5) all internal disks & optical drives except the boot drive; (6) defragging the system drive and registry; (7) swapped around memory sticks; (8I) scanned for malware w/the usual tools plus GMER, ComboFix (renamed when downloaded), checked for alternate data streams. All nada.

    I did try re-installing the Intel Chipset Software 9.x while watching the process in SysInternals' Process Explorer. It always hangs forever (well, > 9 hours) when installing the PCIExpress Root Hub at address 294A, and always in "Wait:WrLpcWrite". At this point I get lost: trying to figure out which thread the installer is waiting on gets ugly fast. A restart after this hang goes into safe mode and says 294A does not have a "device driver" installed.

    I've asked at the MSDN, ASUS, and Intel forums, but received no replies, which was unexpected. Googled, too.

    I have not been able to determine what hardware is "talking" through the 294A hub, other than it's an Intel PCI device (using the vendor and subvendor IDs from the Device Instance box in Device Manager), i.e. something inside the Northbridge chip. What it's trying to talk to, though, I've not been able to discover.

    Any ideas on what to try next would be greatly appreciated. It seems that the Northbridge is really confused.

    Thanks in advance,
    p.s. other hw: add-in card for serial ports & 5 additional USB ports. 5 HD of various sizes totaling ~ 3 TB.

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    Probably be a good idea to revert to default clock speeds, never, ever make advanced system changes while overclocked.
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