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    When I reply to a post, it's a major annoyance that I have to click on the text input field where I'll compose my post instead of the cursor being placed there automatically. This applies to the page that opens up when you start a new thread, too.

    Also, on the same page, please clear up the tab order in the compose window so that it's possible to press Tab - Enter from the main text input field to post a reply. Right now, if I press Tab in the main input field, I can't see what button has focus, all I can see is that the cursor disappears.

    I'm using FF 3.6 on Win7.


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    Brian Livingston

    The toolbars in the Fast Reply editor rely on JavaScript, and all browsers these days require the user to click on something once before script such as this can do anything. This is a simple security feature that we can't eliminate. That's why the Fast Editor input box says, "Tip: click inside this box to load the editor." I assume the same factors apply to the Full Editor.

    I'm not a JavaScript programmer, so forgive me if my explanation is not technically comprehensive. However, I spoke about this problem several times in 2009 when WS contract developer Dan Engler was working on the beta of the new Lounge user interface. We have to live within the way our software provider, Invision Power Board, does certain things — this is why the Fast Reply expands below the browser chrome when clicked — but we have on our road map a project to tear out and revise IPB's input code. That involves finding the code, evaluating it, determining a remedy, and then documenting it so it can be rebuilt when needed. Upgrades such as IPB 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 usually write over any surgery we perform, requiring us to redo such customizations.

    As far as the tab order, it's already working the way you request, it simply isn't obvious in IPB's button design. After you compose a comment in Fast Reply, press Tab. The Post button has the focus. The button, unfortunately, does not change its look to make this apparent. But if you then press Enter, your comment is posted. This is another feature of IPB software that is on our radar to revise. Thanks for reporting this.

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