I have a laptop and desktop, both running XP Home SP3 and IE8 with the same settings.

For along time I have been using and add-on called DZ Favorites Search which I have found very useful. After installation it is accessed by View/Explorer Bars/DZ Favorites Search.

Now it works perfectly on my laptop, but on the desktop it is greyed out. I have tried uninstalling it (it then disappears from Explorer bars as expected) and re-installing it (when it re-appears, but greyed out). If I go to Tools/Manage Add-ons it does not appear there - even though it is shown greyed out under Explorer Bars; of course it does appear on the laptop Manage Add-ons.

I have emailed DZ and they just say that IE8 is a big problem and to try re-installing the add-on which I have done several times.

I have even tried re-installing IE8, but nothing works.

I just cannot think of anything else to try.