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Thread: HDD Setup

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    HDD Setup

    Tried to use Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools version 2.5 to set up a new 40 meg hard drive - but when I inserted the Windows ME Start Disk to copy system files, the setup did not detect large disk support and tried to set the HDD up as multiple 2 gig drives. I had to use an old Win98 disk to copy system files, and the disk setup went without problems and worked fine under Win ME. Do we have a bug here or what?

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    Re: HDD Setup

    Bug? No. Old BIOS? Definitely.

    Your BIOS should support INT13 extensions...and the boot floppy can't override the BIOS. If the BIOS reports it that way then that's what it sees.

    Heck, with 40GB copy the install files to the hard drive and run setup from there. It's faster, you don't misplace the CD when you need it most, and you definitely have the room.

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