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    I ran the Securia security program this morning and it told me that Adobe Flash Player was out of date. So I went to Adobe to get the update and here is what I got: Operating System error: 16249.201.257-42072312.FFFFFFFF.80004002. I don't have a clue here. I tried doing a System Restore on 2 different dates and it wouldn't let me do that either. Since it came up from being on Adobe's site, must be something there. I was just trying to update everything on a regular basis using Secunia as a guide. It has been accurate in the past. All ideas appreciated. I couldn't copy and paste the error message.

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    The same thing happened to me. I downloaded the latest Adobe 9.3, installed it on my XP home machine, and
    got the message" Your computer needs either 8 or 9 Adobe to view PDF files." This was while Adobe 9.3 already installed.
    I just reinstalled XP from a viral crash last week, re-installed my Avast anti-virus, and thought
    my machine was clear, but now, I'm beginning to wornder............Maybe Adobe is infected???

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    You went here:
    and you still got the error?

    Do you have the Firefox AdBlock extension?

    With Adobe Reader do this: open Adobe reader click Help> Check for Updates

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